Ron Noreman - Biography
Ron Noreman – Bodybuilding, Nutrition and General  Resume:


  • Born in New York City, son of Hungarian blue collar parents.

  • Grandfather was a world-famous World-Cup Soccer Champion so if I inherited any athletic attributes it was from Grandpa.

  • Grew up as a fat, out of shape kid with little drive and discipline until I started working out in 1977.  Within 6 months of working out and learning how to eat, my waist size dropped from 42 to 32 inches.  Training also provided me with discipline and structure bringing my school grade average from 65 to 97 in the same six months.

  • First competition was the 1981 WBBG (World Bodybuilding Guild) Mr. New York City – won first place in the teen division.

  • Appeared on dozens of radio shows on the topic of nutrition, supplementation, holistic health and longevity.

  • Self-taught “expert” on holistic nutrition.

  • Formulated over 10 anti-oxidant supplements that have been and continue to be marketed internationally.

  • World record holder in the “pinch grip” in the 1990’s

  • Assisted in the design of several pieces of weight training equipment produced by the two preeminent equipment manufacturers in the United States.

  • Owner of one of the best equipped home gyms in the United States.

  • Sustained complete ruptures of both biceps (on different occasions) and both quads torn off the bone (simultaneously) – all surgically repaired.  In spite of these casualties, I made it back on stage and have won and placed in several NPC regional shows since then.

  • Certified Public Accountant and Tax Litigator providing tax and accounting representation for several IFBB Pro Bodybuilders, UFC Fighters, Nutritional Supplement Companies and Weight Training Equipment Manufacturers (In addition to a very diverse practice involving a wide range of businesses and individuals.)

  • Partner in Kamler, Lewis & Noreman LLP, Certified Public Accountants in Great Neck, New York.

Partial Contest Bio:

  • 1981 WBBG (World Bodybuilding Guild) Mr. New York City – Teen Overall Winner.
  • 1984 WBBG Battle of Coney Island – Natural Mr. Brooklyn – Tall Class Winner (contest held on Coney Island Boardwalk).
  • 1988 NABBA Natural Keystone Classic – Tall Class Winner.
  • 1989 NABBA Natural York Barbell Bodybuilding Championships – Tall Class Winner.
  • 1992 ANBC Atlantic Supernatural – Tall and Overall Winner.
  • 1994 ANPPC Natural Eastern USA Bodybuilding Championship – Heavyweight and Overall Winner.
  • 1997 NPC Natural Golds Classic – Heavyweight and Overall Winner.
  • 1998 NPC Natural Eastern Classic – Heavyweight and Overall Winner.
  • 1999 Musclemania Atlantic City - Heavyweight and Overall Winner
  • 2001 NPC East Coast – Super Heavyweight Winner.
  • 2001 NPC Golds Classic – Super Heavyweight Winner.
  • 2005 Atlantic States Masters Heavyweight and Overall Masters Winner.
  • 2010 Empire States Championships- 1st Place Masters Division

General:  Many more 2nd place finishes than the wins listed above.  Bridesmaid MANY times.  As of 2009, 42 total competitions with 33 first and second places.